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A variable group of institutions, associations and companies coordinated by CLASS Onlus

e_mob is the permanent board of public administrations and stakeholders working in the field of electric transport.

The committees

Agencies that will be present at the 2020 edition of e_mob

Organizing Committee


The Chamber of Commerce Milan Monza Brianza Lodi is a public company with operational independence. Its aim is fostering the development of the business system and entrepreneurial interests in a targeted geographic area (metropolitan area of Milan, provinces of Monza-Brianza and Lodi). Based on subsidiarity principle, it supports and promotes enterprises, assisting in administrative functions, too.

For additional information check the website:www.milomb.camcom.it


It is a national multi-utility company, active in production, distribution and sale of electricity, gas, environmental services and energy efficiency, electric mobility and smart city services.

More information: a2a.eu

ATM S.p.A.

ATM S.P.A. It is the public company owned by the municipality of Milan administering and managing public transport in the Lombardy capital. It manages 4 metro lines, 20 tram lines, 4 trolley lines and 158 bus lines in the municipality of Milan and in 51 municipalities of the metropolitan area.

More information: atm.it


Class stands for “Sustainable Development Committee”, which is the environmentalist association that strongly wanted the birth of E_mob. It is specialized in electric mobility and shares its know-how with companies who want to develop and improve this Sector. Active in dissemination of environmentalist themes especially with public administration. Through specific agreements it offers services for electric car owners

More information:classonlus.it


Cobat provided integrated services for 30 years years as a main player in circular economy, specialized in the management of technological products end of Life. Cobat is the best partner in the service of producers/importers, ensuring the correct management of the end of life of consumer goods.

More information: cobat.it


It is the main energy operator in Italy thanks to more than 130 years of history. The first Italian power stations powered by water belong to Edison. Today it continues pursuing a more sustainable future through green energy production.

More information: edison.it


Enel X is the Enel Group’s company that develops innovative solutions in areas where energy shows the greatest potential for transformation: homes, enterprises, cities, electric mobility.

More information: enelx.com


Always been attentive to sustainability, from 2011 Hera is also very active in the constant search for solutions that allow electric mobility to become a practical and viable option. In particular, it has developed a network of public charging infrastructures, also in partnership with other players, and It proposes recharge commercial offers, studied both for public and private purposes.

More information: gruppohera.it


In the past IGPDecaux was a pioneer in advertising on public transport, while today isthe biggest Italian communication enterprise for market share, range of services and ability to promote public spaces IGPDcaux considers fundamental the commitment for pollution prevention and for a sustainable use of resources in its services’ life cycle.

For additional information check the website: igpdecaux.it



It is Milan’s agency for transport and environment, born in 2000. It realizes field testing and monitoring, it processes datas, develops models and simulations, feasibility studies, provides comparisons with international experiences, elaborates planning and programming tools, and guarantees to the municipal Administration the necessary support also in the implementation phase.

More information: amat-mi.it
logo anfia


With 350 associate companies, ANFIA – National Association of Automotive Industry – is one of the largest trade association in CONFINDUSTRIA Born in 1912, for over a hundred years it’s aim is to represent the interests of associate companies towards national and international public institutions, providing studies and solutions on technical, economic, fiscal and legal issues in automotive industry.

More information: anfia.it/it/


Italian Committee for Battery Electric Vehicles, hybrids and fuel cells.

CIVES is the Italian part of European Association for Electromobility (AVERE), founded bay CEE in 1979. It has been formed by CEI which is the Italian electric normative agency, looking out for non-partisan interests of the nation. CEI-CIVES has been working for 40 years, jointly with AVERE, promoting electric transport, stimulating institutions, enterprises and local public administrations, creating demonstrative projects and laws that really support electric transport development.

More information: ceinorme.it


This company is entirely owned by the Chamber of commerce of Milan Monza Brianza and Lodi, born from the Union of ex-Experimental Stations of paper, textiles, fuels, oils, fats industrial fields. Their Laboratories carry outmany activities like: analysis, technical assistance, certification, applied research, technical and scientific advice, training, standardization.

More infos: innovhub-ssi.it


Its aim is to promote transition from the traditional transport model to massive adoption of zero-emission vehicles. MOTUS-E was born by the drive of industrial, academic and voluntary sector together.

More information: motus-e.org


“Research on the Energy System” is an Italian subsidiary stock company, runned by the Manager Of Energy Services, for the development of research activities in the electro-energetic sector, in particular for national strategic projects.

More information: rse-web.it

RFI – Rete ferroviaria italiana

Rfi is a company part of Italian Railway Group; its core business is the management of railways (16,700 km) and stations (more than 2,000). Rfi is the Italian network for people and goods sustainable mobility.

For additional information check the website: rfi.it
logo unrae

UNRAE – National Union of Foreign Car Representatives

It is the National Union of Foreign Car Representativesand represents car manufacturers operating and selling products in Italy, including buses, commercial vehicles, trailers and their technical networks.

More information: unrae.it



Consumer and Environment Advocacy Association, It is promoted by CISL in 1987 and recognized by law. Its purpose is to fight against all the abuses that damage consumers like misleading advertising, unfair practices, deception, etc. so they all get their rights recognized.

More infos: adiconsum.it


The Confederation of Transport and Services Association is the group representing the interests of the transport and services field in the Confindustria system.

More information: agens.it


Amsa (Milan Company for Environmental Services) is a company belonging to A2A group, which manages the collection and disposal of municipal waste in the city of Milan and some other municipalities in the Metropolitan Area of Milan.

More infos: amsa.it


Anaci (National Association of Condominium and Real Estate Administrators) it is the largest association nationwide that groups 8,000 condominium administrators, professional administrators who follow in the various cities from 50 to 100 condominiums each.

More information: anaci.it


It is the Confederation Of Environment Services, born on 29 september 2016 within the historical Palazzo Di Confindustria. The Confederation is achieving the purpose of giving a concrete form to circular economy, also in a local scale with its member enterprises.

More information: cisambiente.it


It is the trade union association of cycles and motorcycles producers, of all vehicles with 2 and 3 wheels, quadricycles and all the accessories connected to them. Its goal is to promote these vehicles spread and to solve problem connected to the dissemination of this kind of transport.

More information: ancma.it

Future electricity

It is the main association of Italian Electric enterprises. With its groundbreaking formula, it brings together the many enterprises operating nationwide in this field.

More information: elettricitafutura.it


United SpA is an Italian company with international experience, dealing with projects of planning, realizing and regenerating urbanspaces.

More infos: unitedspa.it


Utilitalia is the Federation that brings together Companies operating in the public services of Water, Environment, Electricity and Gas. It offers assistance, updates and training services, as well as consultancy activities on contractual, regulatory, managerial, fiscal and legal aspects.

More information: utilitalia.it

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